How are you supposed to remember all the little moments? The tiny first pig tails of your baby, the first missing tooth of your toddler, the attitude of your tween and the love and craziness that your family shares. 

Families will never be perfect! Kids will not always smile when you want them too and that is ok. It's those moments that make up your life and your family. Embrace the mess and craziness that comes along with kids. You won't regret it.

Family pictures are one of the most important pictures you can get taken... But between trying to figure out what to wear and trying to get rid of that last 20 pounds you just can't seem to lose they can also be the most put off and stressful sessions you can schedule. 

Think about this for a second... 
Something unplanned happens and you are looking back through all your memories and you realize you don't have any family pictures!

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