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B. Beautiful by Kirstin was the best decision we made in our wedding plans. She takes the time to make you look your best and makes the experience of engagements, bridal and wedding day photos so fun! We have loved looking back on our photos! You will not regret letting Kirstin do the work for you.

We asked Kirstin to do our engagements, bridals and wedding and all my hair and makeup! She made things so laid back and relaxing even on my wedding day when my mind was running a million miles an hour! She was so much fun to work with! While taking pictures she would joke around with us and make the awkward moments (like my husband not knowing how to pose or smile) not awkward anymore and made Kole feel so comfortable. Not to mention, my pictures turned out GORGEOUS. I loved every single one of them and am so happy to have such beautiful pictures to look back on! I’m so glad we picked Kirstin, it seriously made my wedding expirence so amazing!! 


We absolutely LOVED Kirstin!! She was by far our favorite photographer that we have ever used! She knew exactly what she was doing with hair, makeup, and everything there is to know about pictures. Her funny sense of humor and outgoing personality made every session enjoyable and so fun (even for my husband, who hates pictures.) She was extremely professional and always knew great places to take pictures. There’s no way you could go wrong by having Kirstin take your pictures!


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